A wildly accurate and somewhat frank diary of my

forthcoming Cancer treatment and its

effects on myself and those who surround me!




  1. Big Sis says:


  2. ann harding says:

    your just one hell of a wonderfull coragious brave and loving daughter and i am with you all of the way and with saff too and i love u both soooooooo much mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. monika says:


  4. Saffy says:

    well done on a great start and completing week one of radiation, proud to be your wife, to be there to hold your hand and for all you want to do by going through this journey yet want to fundraise for others too.
    love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Zuzana says:

    Hi Kate, hi Everyone!
    I’ve had a Myxoid Liposarcoma (right upper thigh) as well, got diagnosed last year. I’ve had radiotherapy for 5 weeks, a month later a surgery, but unfortunately the recovery doesn’t went well…I just had a second surgery 2,5 weeks ago at RNOH Stanmore again, because my wound has break down and now I have my new buddy, the vacuum pump 24/7. ….it’s a very long journey…
    The good news is, it’s looks like I’m clean at the moment..at the moment- not exactly the most reassuring sentence, but after all I just love it.
    I hope you doing well, all of you doing well, and thank you for creating your blog giving a place for us sharing our everyday’s thoughts.

    Kind regards,
    Zuzana from Slovakia, living in London

    • chesternutz says:

      Hi Zuzana and welcome.

      Wow! Your story is identical to mine! I had 6 weeks radiotherapy but had severe burns week 5. Surgery went well. 3 weeks later had seroma then haematoma causing another surgery to clean and wash out. Wound break down and vac fitted. 8 week hospital stay. But vac was on for 3 months. But did help heal the 8 inch deep cavity left in my thigh. It took around 18months to close and heal completely and thus I got lymphodema with the healing and lack of mobility.
      But hey it worked and this was 4 or 5 years ago now.
      My current diagnosis isn’t great but nothing I can do to change it. But being positive and focussing on fun times and making memories whilst I can.
      What hospital are you under in London?
      Great to see your post. Take care Kate x

  6. Zuzana says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Well, yes, the burnt skin, swollen leg, mobility issues…all the similar stuff 😦 After the first surgery my thigh got swollen within a few ours, I just felt that my leg want to explode and I felt the painful stretching feeling all around my metal clips…was horrible…than I had to go back to the hospital. They did an ultrasound, but it doesn’t show any particular fluid collection…well, I had….so after all, my wound just never wanted to heal on one particular place, and at the and, a month ago it started to bleeding..and never wanted to stop…the scar became deeper and bigger, at the end my GP saved my life with strong antibiotics, and with special dressing every day, while I was waiting for my appointment. Because when it started to bleed, I booked an appointment to my surgeon team, than the answer I got: it’s OK, it’s normal…. than the next week my other doctor booked an appointment, so when they saw my wound again, there was no doubt I need a surgery and a vacuum. And just to don’t be bored, I had to appeal for an Independent Tribunal because of one benefit I was claiming for in February, but they refused me twice already with the reason, I don’t have any mobility difficulties, I don’t need help… (they did this with all the information about my circumstances). Btw, my hospital is the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, they are great.
    So yes, it’s not the best part of our lives, but I’m sure, that we can stand up and go back to “normal”, it just takes a long time…
    I wish you all the best, you beat it twice, you can do it again!!!!
    Take care, Zuzana

  7. Anthony says:

    Hi Kate,

    Hope your treatment is going well.
    I’m just getting prepared to start chemo. I was diagnosed with a myxoid liposarcoma in my calf in January. Had radiotherapy and then the operation in April, all removed ok, but have since found it had spread to by abdomen and pelvic bones. Another operation later over and done with to remove that and now waiting for chemo to start. I believe it to be next week if they feel I’m well enough.
    I have a great team of family and friends behind me and feel really positive about the future, im getting married this friday and its my 30th on sunday. due to the extensive amount of painkillers I haven’t been able to have a beer. I’m off them now so will enjoy a good drink this weekend.
    I hope your current treatment goes well and keep positive. This disease is beatable, just need to think it and believe it, maybe include some good treatment 😀

    All the best,

    • chesternutz says:

      Hey Anthony!

      Thanks for the great response. Wow birthday and wedding weekend lucky you!! Hope to see photos!!

      Where are you being treated??

      Be nice to catch up.

      Congratulations for the weekend and have an amazing time!!


      • Anthony says:

        Hi Kate,

        Yes a busy weekend, hopefully I can be left alone Saturday to recop for Sundays festives.

        I’m being treated by LOC in Harley street. But for the chemo, I’m having it at uch. Luckily enough the insurance company is sorting it all out for me. All I have to do is turn up.
        Since I posted on here I have seen the oncology team an I have been advised to get away next week as its been non stop this year, clear the head, bit of fresh air and maybe some sun! Only prob our 8 month old son doesn’t have his first passport yet so another job added to the list. If it was too easy it would be boring.

        Where are you having your treatment? Radiotherapy course at the moment isn’t it? I always e45 cream better than the aqeurous cream they provide.

        Hope your doing well


    • Kate H says:

      How was the wedding? Awaiting photos.

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